Female Sterilization inside the Costa Rica, 1940 to 2020

Female Sterilization inside the Costa Rica, 1940 to 2020

Sterilization was tremendously familiar phenomenon to help you women worldwide, and is the most common contraceptive habit worldwide. Costa Rica, the spot where the the means to access contraceptives was generalized, is one of the individuals places globally towards the highest frequency away from women sterilization. When you look at the Costa Rica, female sterilization are homogeneously distributed, common amongst women residing outlying and you will urban zones, as well as one of those out-of diverse academic profile. In contrast to exactly what it’s possible to predict because of the history out of abusive birth control practices in Latin The united states, this new “problem” away from sterilization when you look at the Costa Rica might have been presented because of the feminine and doctors equivalent significantly less the “need” to own preventing its explore but alternatively since the a beneficial “struggle” having increasing supply if you possibly could. Remarkably, newest cost from sterilization have been reached regarding absence of an official system offering sterilization getting birth control aim plus the brand new perspective away from a very restrictive judge build for the provision. It wasn’t up until July 1999 you to sterilization for contraceptive purposes was explicitly managed and permitted. In advance of one to year, it actually was simply very-entitled therapeutic sterilization which had been lawfully desired. Sterilization is said to be provided just for fitness factors. Somewhat, straight actions suggested truthfully so you’re able to expand usage of this surgery within the state medical program had been realized courtesy regulation formally restricting their supply. This occasionally counterintuitive history of brand new supply and regulation out-of sterilization into the Costa Rica was reviewed.


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Women sterilization is among the most common birth-control routine internationally. During the 2013 , 19 per cent of females old fifteen in order to 44, partnered or in partnership around the world, had experienced sterilization. one in 2015 , women sterilization accounted for 30 % of birth control play with among married or even in union women aged fifteen in order to 49 in the world. dos Even though sterilization to have birth control intentions are an ever more familiar occurrence so you can women international, their have fun with try highest inside development nations, particularly in Latin The united states additionally the Caribbean. step three Of many nations worldwide, such that from developing places, have experienced major abuses away from sterilization. The newest irreversible character from the procedures helps it be “ideal” to own handling reproduction, and you can women, much less appear to, men, inside countries particularly Peru, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, the us, Canada, India, and you will Slovenia have been sterilized facing the tend to, was indeed coerced to just accept sterilization, otherwise was basically misinformed regarding the the permanent reputation from the name out of eugenics, populace control, and you may personal wellness, one of most other reasons. cuatro

Costa Rica is one of those places all over the world to your higher prevalence regarding feminine sterilization, with twenty-five.5 per cent of women (married otherwise cohabiting) amongst the age of fifteen and you can forty-two sterilized within the 2015 . 5 Located in Main The united states, apparently terrible regarding GDP for every single capita and you will quick inside the dimensions and you will people, Costa Rica known toward high standard out of life of its inhabitants, which is the results of a massive social funding you to already been in the 1940s. 6 During the Costa Rica, people have an average of many years of formal knowledge, that have 57.8 % which have went to senior high school and higher levels of training, while the inhabitants also has an excellent socialized program away from medicine which takes care of 95 % from customers. seven Women experienced usage of contraceptives given that later sixties; contraceptives are mostly available with the official in various versions. 8 Today, 77.8 % of one’s ladies in commitment out-of reproductive decades make the means to access contraceptives. 9 Inside Costa Rica, sterilization try homogeneously marketed, common among women residing in outlying and you will metropolitan areas, in accordance with diverse knowledge profile. 10 The great majority off sterilizations had been offered on social medical facilities as opposed to individual institutions, that have 95 percent of the many women who in 1999 advertised getting sterilized which have been through this new businesses on public safeguards medical facilities. 11

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