Q. Maybe you have confronted by Monica Lewinsky on the White Household between your period out-of midnight and you may half a dozen an excellent

Q. Maybe you have confronted by Monica Lewinsky on the White Household between your period out-of midnight and you may half a dozen an excellent

A beneficial. Now, let me just say, whenever she try functioning around, while in the, there will had been a period when we were all the – we had been up working late. There are several, toward a evening, in the event that Congress is within example, you can find constantly multiple individuals to until later in the night, however, There isn’t any recollections of that. I recently cannot claim that there might was indeed a period whenever you to taken place, I simply – however, I do not remember they.

Q. It could be extraordinary, would it not, to have Betty Currie to be in the newest Light House ranging from midnight and you will half dozen a great.m., wouldn’t it?

A good. Really, I don’t know, as normally I’m not indeed there between midnight and you may half a dozen, thus i won’t know how repeatedly the woman is here. The individuals try questions might need to inquire the woman. I recently are unable to say.

Probably some time ahead of Xmas

Q. Provides they actually ever happened that a white Family listing was developed one exhibited the fresh new Monica Lewinsky is ending up in Betty Currie when in reality Monica Lewinsky are ending up in your?

MR. BENNETT: No, Their Prize, I’m going to indeed let the chairman answer one to, however, We target towards the version of the question as it takes on things not in facts, and i again matter their good faith contained in this distinct curious.

Judge WRIGHT: We overrule the fresh objection. I could allow it. The sort of a lot of the answers could have been he does not bear in mind or the guy cannot discover, and so they have perhaps not downright declined they. This is exactly advancement and you can I am going to enable the matter. Proceed.

Q. Yes sir. Provides it actually ever happened you to definitely a white Family number was developed one to mirrored one Betty Currie is ending up in Monica Lewinsky whenever indeed you used to be meeting with Monica Lewinsky?

I am talking about We, Rahm Emanuel will come throughout that back door toward kitchen and you may brand new hall you talked about three to four minutes 24 hours, unannounced, unscheduled, sometimes later in the day, sometimes throughout the daytime

A. In my opinion i have track of the folks you to, you to find me personally. I’ve – I believe you will find monitoring of folks that comes during the and out from the Light Household. Of course people who work truth be told there and have permission to help you be there may come inside and out and you will move around in and out from the workplaces, and that i have no idea if the you can find info of all those people conferences or otherwise not. For example you will find some from my staff individuals We see a couple of times a day, and i do not know if or not discover track of all go out I see men and women.

Q. Alright, sir, and that i delight in you to, but just to-be right I’m not asking on facts out of individuals entering the fresh new White Home, however, I am inquiring particularly on the information from conferences along with you.

Good. The answer to that’s I am not sure. You will find not a clue if you have a record of anytime the guy comes to select me. I’ve little idea if there is tabs on every time John Podesta comes down the new hall and you will sticks his direct inside the and you can foretells me personally from the anything. I simply have no idea. I’m not sure the solution to your matter.

Q. Your suspect, not, that there exists no less than some conferences which you have to have and this there isn’t any written list produced, best?

A beneficial. I don’t know the solution to that. It remain a not bad checklist of all things I do, I think.

A good. I’m looking to think of. She came from the to see Betty a while before Christmas time. And you can she is here talking-to this lady, and that i trapped my personal head out, told you good morning in order to the lady.


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